Shown below are answers to some of the questions about the book that I have been asked.

Q.: What inspired you to write this particular book?

A.: I read the small pocket journal that my great grandfather had kept while fighting in the Civil War and wondered how he had coped with all the death and destruction he had witnessed. I never did get an answer to that question. But it stayed with me and, when I retired and visited some Civil War battlefields, I learned tens of thousands of those soldiers and civilians were casualties of "soldier's heart." Today that condition is called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and thousands of today's heroes must cope with it. After a chance meeting with a veteran of Desert Storm, and learning what he had been through, I decided to tell the story from the point of view of a decorated army veteran who is conflicted over what he did in the line of duty. Long after returning home, Ed Canfield remains at war with himself.

Q.: Were you raised in the South?

A.: My father was raised in the Key West but I grew up in Bronx. Each year we traveled to Key West to visit my grandmother, who raised her children in the same home that she was born in. She maintained the home for more than 80 years as if it were a museum and would regale us with tales about our ancestors. My great, great grandfather was one of Florida's earliest lighthouse keepers and his Fresnel lens still stands on display in the Key West Lighthouse Museum. My great grandfather was a soldier, successful businessman, landowner and Key West Alderman whose wrecking license was on display in a Key West museum until recently.

Q.: Is The Reckoning based on actual events?

A.: The Union navy did attack Cedar Keys Florida more or less as described in the novel. It was an important victory for the North with longterm strategic significance. I simply asked myself what might have happened in the aftermath of the battle and from that point forward the story is fiction.

Q.: Did one of your ancestors fight in the Civil War?

A.: Yes. My great grandfather was a Union soldier. But he did not fight at Cedar Keys. He was with the Ninth Army and fought throughout Virginia. After the war, he decided to settle in the South and moved to Florida. He started a water bottling company in Key West, which he eventually expanded into several other lines of business. He became one of the island's most prosperous businessmen.

Q.: Was Ed Canfield an actual person?

A.: No. Ed Canfield is a fictional character who I created to embody the conflicted feelings many southerners shared about the war, slavery and conscription.

Q.: How long did it take you to write "The Reckoning"?

A.: It took years to research the topic and write several rough drafts. But once I found the voice of Ed Canfield, it took about nine months to write The Reckoning and 15 months to edit it and check my facts.

Q.: Why did you choose this particular title?

A.: Like so many of today's veterans, Ed Canfield suffers PTSD. He is guilt-ridden over what he did in the line of duty during the Mexican-American War. He decides that he must balance the scales by saving as many lives as he has taken before the Day of Reckoning. I allude to that in the last sentence of the book which is taken from Revelations 20:13.

Q.: What authors do you read?

A: My interests are very broad and span everything from history and science to philosophy and gardening. When it comes to history, I enjoy reading biographies and first person narratives. In fiction, I am a great admirer of James Lee Burke, Peter Matthiessen, Comac McCarthy, Charles Frazier, Shelby Foote, Patricia Beatty and Peter Carey. I also enjoy reading Michael Shaara, Howard Bahr, Larry McMurty and Louis L'Amour.

Q.: Do you have a favorite book?

A.: That's hard to say. I suppose it's whatever book I happen to be reading at that moment. But if I had to narrow it down to books I've read recently, I'd say it's a toss up between three books. In historical fiction, it comes down to Bone By Bone by Peter Matthiessen and The True History of the Kelly Gang by Peter Carey. Both authors are masters at character driven plots based on the lives of real people.

Q.: When you're not writing, what do you enjoy doing?

A.: I'm an avid gardener, even published a book on gardening called Sacred Seasons, Hallowed Ground. My flower garden is very large and could easily become an experimental weed farm if neglected. So I attend to it daily and it rewards me with a profusion of day lilies, phlox, roses, black eyed susan, hostas, russian sage, honeysuckle, climatus, etc. (The pictures in my gardening book were shot in my backyard in Minnesota.) When not gardening, my wife and I volunteer in several church-based ministries, including the parish thrift shop where I help out in the book section. Finally, in retirement, I have launched several web sites: www.theusCivil War.Info, and the CivilWarHub on Facebook.

Q.: What took you so long to become a novelist?

A.: Well, for one thing, I had a business to run and that left very little time for outside writing. But I did manage to write and publish seven books. The nature of my writing seems to correlate with where I am at in the life cycle. For example, when our children were small, I wrote two successful children's books, The Kings Shadow and Sniffles. As the kids grew older, I wrote two non-fiction books for juveniles, Famous Pirates and Buccaneers and Famous Crime Fighters. When the kids were older, and trying to find their place in the world, I wrote Careers in Advertising. Once the kids left home, I published a book of meditations for business people entitled Calling It a Day. Now that I am retired, I have published the book on gardening called Sacred Seasons, Hallowed Ground.

Q.: Will there be a sequel to The Reckoning?

A." Yes, I'm well under way on a sequel, which follows Ed Canfield as he embarks on his duties as a lighthouse keeper.

Q.: Will you be going on tour?

A.: I'm open to book signings and lectures at nearby book stores and libraries. But, for the most part, I'll follow the proven approach of most indie authors and participate in virtual book tours and online promotion.