If you would like to interview me, here are some potential topics and the kind of leading questions that might peak the interest of your audience. Also see the FAQ section.

1. Florida's strategic role in the Confederacy

a) What percentage of Florida's population were slaves?
b) What percentage of Florida's population enlisted in the Confederacy?
c) How soon after joining the Union did Florida secede?
d) What major land battles were fought in Florida?
e) How did Key West come to be a northern port in the war?

2. The Union blockade

a) How many ships were in the Union blockade?
b) How many blockade runners did the Union capture?
c) What was England's role in support of the blockade?
d) How many miles of coastline does Florida have?
e) How many blockade runners were there?

3. The role of disease in the Civil War

a) What percentage of the casualties were due to disease?
b) What were the ten most common diseases?
c) What were the causes of so much disease?
d) How did doctors treat disease and battlefield wounds?

4. The role of Civil War blockade runners

a) Were the blockade runners loyalists or profiteers?
b) What were the odds of blockade runners being captured?
c) What types of goods were smuggled through the Union blockade?
d) Who were some famous blockade runners?

5. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in the Civil War

a) What was PTSD called during the Civil War?
b) How common was PTSD in the Civil War?
c) How was PTSD treated during the Civil War?
d) Did any famous people come down with PTSD?

To arrange an interview please call: 239-273-9612; or, send an email to: boblarranaga@the-reckoning.net