Part war story, part love story, The Reckoning is the action-packed tale of a father struggling to come to terms with his past as his son comes of age. Ed Canfield cannot forget the blood he shed as a young soldier in the Mexican-American War. Now he fears the Civil War will claim his son, Jesse. An attack by a Yankee gunboat forces Ed to fight and Jesse to grow up fast. They run the Yankee blockade in a harrowing search for Ed's girl friend, Maureen, who has been captured. An uplifting ending makes for a satisfying read. Ships December, 2012
A Unique Look at the Civil War:
Rich in historical details, this character-driven plot views the Civil War through the eyes of a man battling Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Readers learn that many southerners felt conflicted about the war, slavery, conscription and the mercenary blockade-runners.
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Historical Fiction/Romance
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5.5 x 8.5; Perfect bound
292 (with Discussion Guide)
1 B&W antique map of Florida
Bob Larranaga has authored seven books. A descendant of a Civil War soldier and a lighthouse keeper, his research on family history led to writing The Reckoning
Bob runs two Civil War web sites: the Civil War Hub on Facebook and He and his wife live in Florida and Minnesota.
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