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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is Subject of Civil War Novel: The Reckoning

Historical Fiction

During the Civil War era, millions of people – soldiers and civilians alike – suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. "The Reckoning" is the first-person account of one man, who answered duty's call, despite suffering from PTSD. It's part history, part war-time romance and all non-stop action as army veteran Ed Canfield battles his own demons and deadly foes on every side.

It’s 1861. Abraham Lincoln has just won the presidency with less than 40 percent of the popular vote. The South is threatening all out war.

In Florida, ex-army sharpshooter, Ed Canfield, and his hotheaded son, Jesse, are already at "war" with each other. Ed has barred Jesse from joining the rebel army because Ed is haunted by nightmares about what he saw and did during the Mexican-American War. The highly decorated veteran suffers from what doctors in the Civil War era called “soldiers’ heart” and what we now call Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Young Jesse calls it being chicken-hearted, and father and son soon come to blows.

But, when a Yankee warship attacks their harbor, Ed and Jesse must take up arms. In a daring escape, the blockade runners dodge the Yankee shelling and head for the “graveyard of the sea” with its deadly shoals, smugglers, cutthroats and spies. They fight their way down the gulf coast searching for a refugee camp where Ed hopes his girl friend, Maureen, has found safety. But as they enter the steaming Everglades, the deadliest foe of all strikes.

Based in part on the January 7, 1862 Union naval attack on Cedar Keys, Florida, this story is rich in historic details, yet the battle scenes read like dispatches from today's front lines. We see the heart-pounding action through the eyes of Ed Canfield as he struggles with his PTSD and whether to answer the call of duty one more time. The story barrels along toward an explosive climax in which Ed must rely on nothing more than dead reckoning in an attempt to rescue Maureen, Jesse and the other townspeople.

Target Audience: The novel's fast-paced action and historical details should appeal to Civil War buffs, re-enactors, those who enjoy adventure novels and any one familiar with the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder.

Inspiration for Book: A self-described amateur historian, Larranaga traces the inspiration for his debut novel to reading a small pocket-sized journal as a boy. The slim journal was his great grandfather's first-person account of fighting in the Civil War.

"His handwriting was so precise and his accounts of the fighting were so matter of fact," Larranaga says. "There was no trace of the emotions he must have felt on seeing so much carnage. I couldn't help wondering what went through his mind and how it might have affected him long after the war ended."

A tour of several Civil War battle fields, and a chance encounter with a Desert Storm veteran suffering from PTSD, revived Larranaga's memories of his great grandfather's journal. Rereading the journal led to the creation of "The Reckoning."

To promote the book, Larranaga is appearing at bookstores, libraries, historical societies, book clubs and reenactments near his summer and winter homes in Minnesota and Florida.

The Author: Larranaga's roots in the South go deep. His great great grandfather was one of Florida's earliest lighthouse keepers. The Fresnel lens from his lighthouse stands on display in the Key West Lighthouse Museum. Larranaga's great grandfather fought in the Civil War before settling in Key West where he became one of the island's largest landowners.

Book’s Website:
There is a web site for the book at It includes a free preview chapter, a book club discussion guide, a teacher's lesson plan and links to other Civil War sites. In addition, Larranaga has created and the Civil War Hub on Facebook.

About The Publisher: Larranaga's is self-publishing "The Reckoning" under his own imprint, Beacon-House Communications.